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EXATEL joins the prestigious Open Networking Foundation

  • EXATEL has joined the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) – one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations driving transformation of network infrastructure.

  • Thus, the Polish telco operator will gain access to global knowledge. It also wants to actively support the international community by sharing knowledge gained from the implementation of its own R&D projects.

  • The ONF is a consortium of major TIER 1 global telecommunications operators as well as leading network equipment manufacturers and OTT companies e.g. Google.


The world is changing faster and faster, and the demands of businesses are increasing alongside. SDN technology will revolutionize not only the telecommunications branch. Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI – these are all waiting for 5G to become widespread to transform our lives, economy and business. This is why we at EXATEL have long relied on SDN development. Wishing to create the future of the telecommunications market at the top global level, we write software and create our own technologies. This is demonstrated by our two R&D projects in software-defined networking, namely SDNbox and SDNcore.

The future will belong to those who own individual technologies. That’s why we have been growing our R&D team and developing our own cyber security and telecommunications solutions since 2017. The first product – TAMA anti-DDoS – has already been successfully commercialized all because our customers are served by the solution. I am aware of the fact that it will be the same with SDN projects, – said Rafał Magryś, the Management Board Vice President at EXATEL.


EXATEL – a new chapter

Through the membership in the ONF, we become part of a powerful international organization comprising the largest telecommunications operators and leading manufacturers of network equipment. The ONF sets the trends and directions in which the network has headed and will continue to grow. As a member of this organization, we will be able to benefit from its know-how and experience and share our ideas. As a result, EXATEL will gain a real opportunity to participate in the global development of SDN technology.

We are very happy to have join such a prestigious organization. It is a chance for us to share our experience and in a way influence the shape of solutions that will be used by various entities all over the world. It is also a chance to gain new knowledge, meet new people and be part of a team that has a real impact on the shape of the network of the future, – said Piotr Makulec, the Strategic Technology Initiative Manager at EXATEL.


What is SDN technology

SDN (Software-Defined Networking) is a new concept of building telecommunications networks. The idea whereby the physical layer of the device (physical interfaces, ASICs, NPUs) becomes just the operational part of the ‘network brain’, the so-called controller. In SDN solutions, it is the active controller layer with applications that defines the functionality of each machine and at the same time the entire network it manages.

In practice, this means a telecommunications revolution. In the network of the future, having a hardware platform will still be necessary but the real value of the device will be delivered by developers. Thanks to the SDN philosophy, companies such as EXATEL, which write their own software and develop their own technologies, can create flexible solutions at the highest global level. SDNbox and SDNcore are a clear evidence of this. The solutions we create for the second largest fibre optic network in Poland. And that is not the last word in this field.


Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

The Open Networking Foundation is a non-profit operator led consortium. Its mission is to support the transformation of mobile and broadband network infrastructure at operators. It is also involved in promoting the idea of software-defined networking and standardizing the OpenFlow communications protocol and related technologies. The ONF supports a number of open source projects for private 5G/LTE, software-defined RAN and more.