Software Defined Networking.

Programmable network device. The future.

EXATEL develops SDN

One of the oldest principles of network construction is currently changing. SDN is a new way of designing network and cloud solutions. Easy to automate, efficient and scalable. Application services can be provided in SDN locally, by a data center or even by a cloud. An SDN-based network is easy to reconfigure and scale. The number of potential applications is huge, but today the most interested in programmable networks are cloud service providers, telecom operators, data centers and cyber-security teams.  

SDN in practice

Your e-commerce ad went down in the break of the football championship finals. Suddenly the number of orders increased 1000 times. Today, if the data center serving the e-shop was not large enough, there was no huge stock of resources, the whole business becomes like during a DDoS attack. SDN technology enables immediate reprogramming of data center behavior. During increased activity it is possible to transfer all the resources to the transaction execution, disable non-critical for business applications.

Another scenario: you are a telecommunications operator. You offer your customers access to your mobile network. In the summer, the traffic in tourist destinations is huge, you have to send a lot of data, because everyone starts streaming video from holidays. In the off-season, the population shrinks tenfold. Then you can reconfigure the backbone network to consume less resources and energy.

Or maybe you manage a wide area network for a large corporation? Building a WLAN is a big undertaking. Besides, every change, every new branch or new service for users means the need to exchange boxes and fight against software. SDN allows you to build a secure and functional virtual WAN network exactly tailored to your needs, consuming as much resources as you need. Besides, a virtual network is the cost of OpEx. What if you design products and services for the Internet of Things? What if you are involved in cyber security in an important institution…

About SDNbox

Project objectives

Creation of a prototype of a Polish programmable hardware platform SDNbox for the telecommunications network, based on generally available components and network interfaces, together with implementation of selected network functions (router, switch, encryption, probe, firewall, anti-DDoS, Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)), which will allow to achieve the following long-term market objectives:

  • Introduction of new products to the service portfolio in the data transmission domain.
  • Improvement of cost effectiveness of telecommunications services provided by EXATEL, which will translate into better competitiveness on the market of telecommunications operators.
  • Development of the market of suppliers of equipment components and software solutions for SDNbox.
  • Introduction of the device to the market.
  • Activation of the environment of equipment manufacturers and telecommunications networks.
  • Creation of new jobs in the company and in cooperating units as part of the external diffusion effect.

Project results (planned)

  • Creation of a programmable SDNbox hardware platform.
  • Implementation of SDNbox solution in EXATEL’s production network and at customers’ premises.