Managed WAF - Web Application Firewall System

The Web Application Firewall service enables developing security policies that are based on rules authenticating or blocking specific network traffic type.

The basic step that commences the WAF configuration process is application element and structure reconnaissance and defining acceptable/expected user behaviour when accessing the app.

An application-protecting module enables controlling traffic in two ways:

  • negative model (blacklist) – involves developing a list of dangerous content that is going to be blocked, changed or noted in logs, depending on the configuration;
  • positive model (whitelist) – involves developing a list of accepted content that is going to be let through, with the rest blocked, modified or noted in logs.


  • rapid increase in the cybersecurity level for network applications, without investing in hardware and talent
  • protection against 0-day attacks on web apps
  • detection and protection against bruteforce attacks on login panels
  • protection against attacks from the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 list
  • service based on the BIG-IP platform and ASM (Application Security Manager)
  • EXATEL CSC contact point operating 24/7/365
  • online report access

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