30 years ago, we created one of the largest fibre-optic networks in Poland. We then provided the digital exchange of information to almost a thousand companies and institutions. But today their needs are much more significant. They want information to fuel their development, available at any time and in any form.

We operate

We cooperate with more than
444 operators in Poland and worldwide
444 operators

We operate
throughout Europe_

Fastest connection between
Eastern and Western Europe
11 access points

We operate
in Poland_

We have built one of the largest
fibre-optic networks in Poland
23 800 km of a fibre optic network

We follow the most stringent standards

ikona 25 certyfikatów

We hold 20 cybersecurity certificates, including CISM, CISA, CISSP, OSCP, CEH, OSCE

ikons świadectwa bezpieczeństwa

License to trade and manufacture materials for military and police purposes

Ikona certyfikaty ISO

ISO 2231 and ISO-IEC 27001

ikons świadectwa bezpieczeństwa
EU and NATO First-Degree Industrial Security Certificates of First Degree with the top-secret clause

We research and innovate

We undertook the first public tests of 5G technology in Europe, offered smart city solutions in Przemyśl, provide proprietary Cyberthreat Intelligence and the Polish anti-DDoS – TAMA – and this is just the beginning. We built our own R&D department – a gathering of software developers, architects and analysts who are certified network architects.


We do not wait to follow others. We go first


guaranteed SLA

clients from the business, operator and public sectors

km of fibre-optic network

in-house cybersecurity experts

Media coverage


EXATEL built its own R&D team almost from scratch and is currently conducting research and development work on several projects. It all started with participating in the RAPID 5G project, which resulted in creating a 5G network prototype tested in public space. Currently, the operator is working, supported by funding from an NCBiR grant, on a solution based on the SDN philosophy, which is a software-defined network device for business clients.


EXATEL, the creator of one of the three largest fibre-optic networks in Poland, is implementing a new strategy. Its objective is not only to provide reliable Internet lines for companies, local governments or the public administration – the aim of the transformation is also cybersecurity.


Communication with Asia is a symbol of the rapidly changing global economy landscape. Owing to such interconnection contracts as the one concluded between EXATEL and China Unicom, Poland has a chance to take a significant place in this race.


Jan Rey

Jan Rey

Management Board President

Rafał Magryś

Rafał Magryś

Management Board Vice President

Supervisory Board

Andrzej Leszczyński

Chairperson of the Supervisory Board

Jan Rey

Member of the Supervisory Board

Michał Madejek

Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Artur Andrysiak

Member of the Supervisory Board

Alicja Klimas

Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Anna Świerk-Skirzyńska

Member of the Supervisory Board