EXATEL Multiport one port – plenty of services

EXATEL Multiport service consists of the provision of a physical port in EXATEL’s nodes across the whole country.

Within the provided port, the customer has the option of using a number of services:

  • Secure data transmission to selected locations, especially to traffic exchange points,
  • Internet access,
  • Protection against DDoS attacks.

One port assigned to only one customer

EXATEL Multiport Service Scope

  • a node link through EXATEL’s infrastructure,
  • port sharing on the node and on EXATEL’s device,
  • available port bandwidths: 1Gb, 10Gb, 100Gb,
  • any number of VLANs, limited by the bandwidth per port,
  • Internet access services covering diverse IP resources (TIER1 + peering + content on EXATEL’s network + BGP),
  • securing Internet services against volumetric DDoS attacks with EXATEL’s TAMA,
  • L2 transmission services (VLANs carried over EXATEL’s network),
  • exchange of traffic between customers using a port/Multiport.

Mltiport EXATEL – korzyści

  • one service to meet all network needs
  • access to EXATEL’s nationwide network which meets the restrictive requirements for:
    • bandwidth
    • quality parameters
    • constant optimisation of available IP resources (multiple direct connections to major Tier1 Internet networks and popular content providers)
  • securing Internet services against volumetric DDoS attacks – thanks to our service we can neutralise the attack and the whole network continues work without any interference
  • easier services’ management – possibility to add more VLANs or disable existing ones, as well as to modify bandwidth of VLANs running on the port
  • SLA guarantee for each service
  • 24/7 NOC – monitoring of network performance and operation

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