New quality & security of the satellite services for the public and commercial sectors

Modern infrastructure, the highest level of security, and full support of qualified personnel – these are the main advantages of the EXATEL satellite telecommunications port (teleport). The center was built in 2021. It is owned by a Polish telecommunications operator, a State-owned company.

Today, the EXATEL satellite teleport consists of 7 antennas ranging in size from 2.4 meters to 6.3 meters, full power, and communication redundancy as well as 24/7 monitoring of the quality and security of services. With an SLA of more than 99.9%, it is an ideal solution for both the public and commercial sectors.

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The EXATEL’s teleport key technical parameters


a) 4 antennas of 2.4 meters
b) 2 antennas of 3,8 meters
c) 1 antenna 6,3 meters

Possibility to connect additional antenna infrastructure

Teleport range

The direct EXATEL’s teleport coverage can be used to establish communications to almost eny place in the world using only one satellite for elevations above 5 degrees.

Visibility of GEO satellites

The EXATEL satellite teleport antennas can work with geostationary satellites in the range from 85ºE to 45ºW

Technical Specifications

Connections type

  • SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier)
  • TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access)
  • Media Broadcasting

Full redundancy

  • RX
  • TX

Supported bands

C, Ku bands

We can also support the X and Ka bands.

Guaranteed connectivity

  • Main optical fiber
  • Backup optical fiber
  • Microwave link


  • linear (V & H)
  • circular (RHCP & LHCP)

Energy safety

  • Main supply
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Guaranteed power supply (power station)


Access control system and video monitoring of the entire facility

Teleport with the full remote configuration function

FM-200 fire suppression system & HVAC system

Quality of services supervised by Network Operations Center EXATEL

Security of services supervised by Security Operations Center EXATEL

First Degree EU/ NATO Industrial Security Certificate with Top Secret Clause