MPLS VPN - private VPN service

The MPLS VPN solution is a private network service that enables connection of geographically dispersed locations in a secure and scalable manner. It will allow your organization to gain a unified, seamless communication between all offices.

The MPLS VPN grants all the benefits of the MPLS protocol, combined with the stringent requirements common to corporate networks. The service is intended for multi-department organizations that require reliable and secure communication between geographically remote offices, especially the ones that:

  • need a base for employee communication and effective use of the services (voice, Internet, data security)
  • use centralized business applications and require appropriate quality parameters from the network in order to ensure their correct operation
  • would like to entrust managing the corporate network to a service provider.

The MPLS VPN is a service fully managed by EXATEL. All that is required to launch it is information on the functionalities that are expected from the service and an indication of the locations that are to be interconnected


  • high service security level that is determined by the company’s management of its own address space and the security mechanisms arising from the MPLS standard
  • scalability – simple configuration and easy corporate network expandability as the business grows
  • solution simplicity and integrity –a fully managed and homogeneous transmission platform that enables using both latency-sensitive and Internet applications
  • solution reliability – option to configure backup lines in various technologies

Technical data

  • allocated band management – division of applications and services within the corporate network into different classes (CoS) and prioritizing them (QoS) within EXATEL’s network
  • adding new client locations, without the need to reconfigure the service parameters in all other sites
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) which covers guarantees in relation to reliability (monthly availability, failure recovery time) and quality (latency, latency variability – jitter, packet loss) parameters

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