Low Latency

Low Latency means data transmission services that guarantee the lowest possible data transmission lag. The latency (lag) parameter is one of the most important elements in terms of network services.

Especially when a user works with systems or applications that are sensitive to latency. In such a case, even a minimal deterioration of this parameter can have an adverse effect on user experience, and even prevent access.

Low Latency services can cover domestic and international communication. We use a dedicated high-performance network to provide them. Owing to the continuous expansion and constant monitoring, we minimize the impact of network devices on the lags and are able to meet the most stringent parameters.


  • real-time use of apps and systems
  • 24/7/365 support from Network Operation Centre (NOC) engineers
  • possibility to conduct business processes that require minimum latency

Technical data

  • implementation using a DWDM system-based physical 10 GbE Ethernet channel
  • lowest latency in a given connection
  • coverage: Poland and foreign connections (Frankfurt)
  • RTD (Round Trip Delay) guaranteed in SLA

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