Construction of infrastructure

A properly designed and built fibre-optic network enables faster data transmission and increased signal quality and security. 


In turn, the design and construction of a fibre-optic network require not only a high degree of precision, knowledge, or experience, but also construction licenses and knowledge about modern technologies, which is why they have to be made by professionals.

At EXATEL, we guarantee the highest standard of services and comprehensive support at every stage of optical network development.


The scope of our services for the construction of fibre-optic networks includes, among others:

  • Designing fibre-optic networks
  • Structural cabling
  • Conducting local inspections and infrastructure inventory in the field
  • Constructing a fibre optic network – which includes obtaining required permits, making arrangements, concluding agreements, searching for opinions and making decisions necessary to carry out the investment
  • Constructing a single-mode and multimode fibre-optic cables
  • Constructing conduits for electrical installations
  • Welding of fibre-optic cables
  • Blowing of fibre-optic cables



  • We use the most modern equipment and technologies in the telecommunications industry
  • We have an experienced team of designers, project coordinators and construction managers in the telecommunications industry
  • We cooperate with companies from the most demanding fields


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