IP Transit with BGP routing protocol

IP Transit is a service involving a high-speed, symmetrical Internet connection with guaranteed availability and a BGP protocol. This is an operator-type service for users who access the Internet via several providers and require flexibility in managing the traffic of their network.

Given the demands of our clients, we constantly expand the resources available directly from EXATEL’s network. We ensure a high availability and quality level of a purchased Internet band – both within the access and backbone networks, as well as at the points of exchange with other operators.


  • guaranteed highest technical and quality parameters owing to direct connections between our network and the largest Internet networks (so-called Tier1) and providers of popular content
  • SLA guarantee
  • optimal selection of packet routes owing to the possibility of launching dynamic routing (BGP protocol)
  • cost-effectiveness thanks to the possibility of billing using the 95-percentile method

Technical data

  • traffic transit from networks other than the directly connected (e.g., client’s networks) through EXATEL’s network
  • providing selected Internet resources within the service
  • wide range of available bandwidths up to 100 Gb/s
  • implementation using the BGP protocol
  • continuous expansion of the resources based on analysing traffic distribution within EXATEL’s network
  • possible allocation of IP addresses from EXATEL’s pool

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