Zoom - chat, webinar, conference software for business

Service based on the multi-modular “collaboration” solution by Zoom. It allows quick and safe organization of online meetings (video, audio), webinars and cooperation via a single platform.

Zoom has extensive functionalities and multi-layered safeguards. At the same time, it is compatible with fixed and mobile devices, and is also user-friendly and easy to manage.

The solutions offered by EXATEL are available in two model forms:

  • hybrid – meaning that meeting-related traffic (recording and streaming) is hosted locally: some of the infrastructure can be located in the client’s server room (through dedicated client-owned servers or servers purchased by EXATEL) and some partly on EXATEL’s servers – this model is currently being tested, with the feasibility and valuation verified on a case by case basis with the IT department.
  • cloud – the entire meeting-related traffic (recording and streaming) is hosted in a cloud.

The service is constructed through selecting licenses for individual functionalities that suit the needs of the client. The Basic license allows the user to organize video or audio meetings. The client can purchase extra licenses to supplement the basic. These enable, e.g., increasing the number of participants, organizing webinars, increasing recording resources and adding conference rooms with terminals.


  • security of recordings stored on servers in Poland
  • facilitated system management and expansion owing to a wide range of functionalities available within a single platform
  • flexibility and scalability owing to the possible large number of participants in video meetings and webinars

Technical data

  • two variants for technical service provision
  • support from EXATEL experts during system implementation and operation

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