Succesful implementation

At EXATEL, we never take shortcuts – this is how we earned the trust of our partners and customers.

Although we are a state-owned company, we closely cooperate with the commercial market. Exatel provides services not only to the public sector (state administration), but also to private enterprises, including companies conducting business activity within the field of health care (Enel-Med), online payments (Blue Media) or media. We offer a rich portfolio of services (including Cloud Connect, Contact Center, anti-DDoS protection, Network Access Control, VPN MPLS) adapted to the needs of individual customers. They trust us, and so can you.

The Town Hall of Błonie is implementing cybersecurity step by step

IT experts of the Town Hall of Błonie view the implementation of cybersecurity as a process that should be conducted step by step, and this is the right approach.

PSTP Gdynia places importance on cyber-education

As EXATEL has been educating partners of the company and customers on cyber hygiene for a long time, we undertook to organize a two-day training for PSTP, during which we talked about cyber threats, methods of attack and defense, and good practices. In cybersecurity, as in the case of taking care of your health, prevention translates into tangible benefits. Therefore in this regard it is worth betting on a reliable partner.

Blue Media. Money always on time

Blue Media wanted to prioritize customer transactions, so that they would always be completed on time. It was essential to be sure that services would always be available – regardless of the time, place or technology used. For that reason, Blue Media decided to use our proven solutions: VPN MPLS, Metro Ethernet and protection against volumetric attacks – anti-DDoS.

ENEL-MED and Network Access Control (NAC)

At ENEL-MED we implemented a Network Access Control (NAC) tool based on SnoopWall technology. It gave administrators control over which devices can or cannot connect to the internal facility network. After a series of security audits, administrators learned how their defenses were working and whether anything could be improved.

Pit-Radwar and protection against cyber threats

Pit-Radwar needs effective protection against cyber threats. This is particularly important in the context of their participation in projects that are strategic to the country's security, such as the international “Wisła” program. Therefore, we started with a comprehensive security audit of the current infrastructure along with penetration testing of systems processing data for the company.

Anti-DDoS service for a regional television network

An operator-grade anti-DDoS solution is an extremely effective tool. All malicious network traffic is redirected to special devices where it is cleared (isolated). Correct traffic is routed back to the appropriate servers.

State Register System infrastructure for the Ministry of the Interior and Administration

We have built a network that is separated from the Internet and dedicated entirely to the Ministry. Since its launch, it has been stably operating throughout the country. The State Register System is used by hundreds of thousands of citizens every day. If not for the system, the police, emergency services, hospitals or border control would not be able to operate.

Contact Center – request handling system for Benefit Systems SA

Benefit Systems, a company providing ongoing services to holders of approximately 744,000 MultiSport cards, needed an effective communication tool. They recognised the necessity of implementing professional technological solutions for achieving top quality of services. Benefit Systems required implementation of new communication channels within the existing Contact Center service provided by EXATEL.