Hotline solutions for companies

A company hotline is a special 800 and 801 phone number that is not related to any area code. This means that the connection fee is constant, regardless of the caller’s location, and in the case of the 800 hotline – there is no charge at all.  

Calls from this number are directed to any numbers indicated by the client that can be assigned from EXATEL’s numbering range or transferred from other telecom operators.

In addition to 800 and 801 numbers, our service also ensures the possibility to use a National Number to contact the company. This is a single geographic number from EXATEL’s numbering range or transferred to EXATEL’s network.

A company hotline enables defining the number of call routing to information and customer service centres. The procedure follows defined call management scenarios – from a simple call transfer, to an indicated number, through launching a speech-recognition navigation system, to branching numerous connections to indicated numbers.

The service is an excellent way to extend already functioning telecommunications solutions without the need to create additional telephone lines. Moreover, the company hotline can be enhanced with additional options, such as, voice announcement, call queuing or IVR.

This is a solution for all companies and institutions that would like to simplify communication with their clients and have a connection within the EXATEL network, and an active voice service within the public fixed telephone network.


  • facilitated contact with clients – a single nationwide number
  • flexible service scenarios
  • high quality of provided services
  • services available from mobile and landline networks
  • attractive billing rates
  • savings related to using a geographic number as a hotline number

Technical data

  • service provided on the basis of the IN EXATEL system
  • spoken announcements and IVR implemented via the BroadWorks platform

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