Security reconnaissance

A security reconnaissance is a multi-day, in-depth and effective examination of an infrastructure organization’s security level performed by procedural security experts, as well as infrastructure penetration testing.

The aim of the service is to increase the level of security in a short period of time by delivering measurable results based on selective verification of procedures and recognition of IT environment in terms of potential threats. On the basis of the activities carried out by us, such elements of the environment are identified in terms of the most significant threats.

As a result of conducted activities, an appropriate summary is delivered, containing the most important security vulnerabilities detected that could be exploited in potential attack vectors along with proposals of mitigating actions. 


  • Quickly and effectively validate an organization’s security system against a determined attacker.
  • Identify priority actions to clean up cybersecurity issues, including in terms of ensuring compliance with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Gain cross-cutting knowledge of organizational security in all key aspects: people, processes and technology.
  • Achieve awareness of not only detected vulnerabilities, but also recommendations and proposals within this area with minimal resources.
  • Possibility to take advantage of additional support from EXATEL experts in order to gradually increase the level of security.

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