A training dedicated to employees of any organisation to help secure it against potential cyberattacks. It comes in form of an online training (e-learning), as well as in-person or webinar training conducted by trainers. All are tailor-made for the specific industry or organisation.

The process of building an organisation’s resilience to cyberthreats must not overlook the human dimension of the issue. By increasing employees’ awareness of the specifics of the threats and teaching them how to properly handle suspicious situations you protect the office or company’s resources from cybercriminals.

Based on the knowledge of certified cybersecurity experts working at EXATEL’s SOC (Security Operations Center), who protect us and our customers from cyber attacks on a daily basis, we have prepared professional training courses that should be mandatory for employees of any organisation these days.

The aim of the trainings is to increase the awareness and knowledge of the customer’s employees in the area of cybersecurity, which is one of the basic preventive measures to significantly increase the organisation’s resistance to cyber attacks.


  • Increase of employees’ knowledge about the risks and procedures that eliminate the risk of cyberattacks
  • A quick change of ‘bad habits’ regarding cybersecurity in the organisation
  • The e-learning platform is great if you need to train a large number of employees
  • No time restrictions, so users can learn the material and pass the test at the most convenient moment for them
  • E-learning from the organisation’s point of view is the most cost-effective way of education
    • Access to the platform gives you the opportunity to periodically and regularly refresh knowledge and update materials, which are essential to keep knowledge up to date and especially important in this matter; cybercriminals are relentless in finding new ways to attack and manipulation techniques.
    • Tests and generation of certificates attesting to the assimilation of the material – gives HR employees and managers the opportunity to verify the knowledge actually acquired.

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