One Number Service

Hotline is a solution commonly used by companies for which customer service and image is the priority. Due to the fact that through hotline the customer’s issue can be resolved quickly and it is the most accessible form of contact, is it one of the most important communication channels.

One Number is a special 800 and 801 phone number that is not tied to any numbering zone. This means that no matter where you call from, the charge is always the same. In the case of the 800 hotline there is no charge at all. Calls from this number are directed to any numbers indicated by the customer. They may be assigned from the numbering range of EXATEL or another domestic telecommunications operator. In addition to 800 and 801 numbers, the One Number service gives the possibility to use one geographic number originating from the EXATEL numbering system or transferred to our network for the purpose of contacting the company.

The service allows for defining the way of routing calls to hotlines and customer service offices. This is done in accordance with the customer-defined, intelligent call management scenarios – from transferring the call to a designated number, through activating the speech recognition navigation system, to splitting multiple calls to designated numbers. It is also possible to leave a pre-recorded message and disconnect the call.

Calls from the 800 and 801 numbers can be handled by existing switchboard or regular phones and the hotline number forwarded to any landline or mobile numbers. The service can also be enhanced with a voice message, call queuing or IVR.

The One Number service is dedicated to all companies and institutions that want to simplify customer communication, have a connection in the EXATEL network, and a voice service in the public fixed-line telephone network.



    • One nationwide number for easy customer contact
    • Flexible service scenarios
    • High quality of provided services
    • Services available from mobile and fixed networks
    • Attractive rates
    • Savings from using a geographic number as a hotline number

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