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Call Center / Contact Center is an integrated system for managing channels for communication with clients. It consists of a virtual call centre and advanced tools for monitoring communication, troubleshooting and knowledge acquisition. Service implementation does not require any investments in IT infrastructure. Owing to a subscription model, the costs are fully predictable.

The service is intended for companies with own, in-house call centre job positions, which:

  • handle customers by phone, e-mail or other e-communication measures
  • sell, collect debts and advertise over the phone
  • want to stand out with modern forms of contact with customers.

Our service is currently addressed to banks, companies from the financial and energy sector, as well as public administration units.

EXATEL’s Call Center / Contact Center is a solution that offers a number of functionalities and facilities, including:

  • Inbound – handling incoming traffic
  • Outbound – handling outgoing traffic
  • built-in CRM – system for collecting data on the project and its clients
  • Scripter – intuitive tools for developing conversation scenarios
  • recording – option to record and archive incoming and outgoing calls
  • reports and monitoring data at the call centre
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – automatic playback of voice announcements with a function to generate dynamic TTS announcements
  • handling various communication channels, among others, e-mail, text messages, fax and website.


  • launching does not require investing in the infrastructure – all that users need are a computer and headphones
  • expanded service scope in the standard version – tools for campaigning and creating scripts
  • easy integration with used systems/databases
  • agent’s location independent of the Call Center or Contact Center location (possible work at home)

Technical data

  • individual project implementation with the option to fit with functionalities in line with client’s guidelines (e.g., reports, IVR trees)
  • payment in the form of a monthly subscription – costs of servicing and software updates included in the subscription

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