Services for telecommunications operators

If a company approaches the issue of telecommunications with the necessary dose of seriousness, it develops its own network. That is why we are investing heavily in our infrastructure. For 20 years we have been providing voice and transmission services for operators in Poland and abroad.

We cooperate with 444 domestic and foreign operators, have 670 points of interconnection with operators and 18 IP traffic exchange points. Our access nodes cover most business areas of the country. We have at our disposal a fast fibre-optic network of 23,000 km – we reach almost every corner of the country.

Extensive infrastructure

With our extensive infrastructure, we can provide services to Tier 1 operators. These include connecting the Polish branches of their business customers to the global network. Thanks to the services we provide, operators can integrate their customers’ infrastructure. This way the local network becomes an element of the global network and operators can provide services to international corporations with branches in our country. We also provide other advanced services, such as secure delivery of global resources (Internet Exchange Points).

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