AntiDDoS TAMA – anti-DDoS Protection

TAMA Anti-DDoS is a comprehensive as-a-service solution ensuring protection against volumetric DDoS attacks. The service is provided based on a central platform installed in EXATEL’s data centre. TAMA Anti-DDoS has been fully engineered and created, and is still being constantly developed by EXATEL’s specialists.

DDoS attacks are characterized by the saturation of the entire bandwidth available to the client. This is why only operator-class solutions are effective against them. We ensure continuous analysis of the traffic routed to a network. If we detect an unusual event and qualify it as malicious – we guarantee immediate action. Owing to a network traffic filtering unit, valid and purified traffic will be redirected to the client.

Service variants

  • TAMA Basic – basic client protection on EXATEL lines; in the event of an identified attack, it utilizes a simple and effective defence method called blackholing
  • TAMA Standard – protects clients with EXATEL lines; it utilizes automatic defence mechanisms and filters out malicious traffic, leaving valid traffic uninterrupted
  • TAMA Advanced – Standard package protection with addition SOC support in the event of an attack and mitigation; available to a greater number of zones and facilities


  • comprehensive, multi-faceted protection of client’s facilities and zones against a wide range of attacks, with a volume of up to 100 Gbps
  • protecting company’s image and reputation thanks to securing resources posted on the Internet
  • option to tailor a system to the client’s individual requirements, including integration with external security systems
  • flexible pricing model and freeware service testing
  • option to define own black and white address lists, ports and protocols, as well as pps and bps thresholds for individual IPs, which when exceeded, trigger automatic defence or raise alarms
  • 24/7/365 implementation, maintenance and support by engineers with many years of experience in cybersecurity
  • full scope of information on threats, in the form of reports and access to a client portal

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