Frequently asked questions


What is the SIP Trunk?

I would like to add non-standard SLA in the contract. Is it possible?

How can I order one of your services?


How many employees can I train through the online platform?

What makes EXATEL training different from other such trainings on the market?

What topics are covered by Cyber EDU training?

What service variants can I order?

Why do I need as many as two solutions – TAMA and TAMA PRO7?

How is the service implemented?

On how large of a group are the phishing campaigns carried out?

How much does it cost to run phishing campaigns?

Who can benefit from phishing campaigns?

What is phishing?

Can the most significant changes be implemented based on the Reconnaissance alone?

How long does it take to receive a report?

Is Reconnaissance a complete examination?

What is TAMA?

How does EXATEL differ from other operators in Poland?

What range of cyber security services can EXATEL offer me?

What can my company risk if I do not conduct a proper security audit?

Why do I need a security audit?

When the penetration tests needs to be performed?

What is penetration testing?

How are penetration tests implemented?

What are the consequences of a data leak?

What is data leakage?

What is the EXATEL'S antimalware service?

How does malware impact your computer?

Where to start in terms of organizational IT security?

Can you use TAMA on a line from an operator other than EXATEL?

I have DDoS protection, so why do I need TAMA?

Do I require DLP protection?

What is malware?

Why is SOC as a service better than one created internally?

Why do I need a SOC?

Are SOC services only available for large organisations?

How to convince the board to invest in cyber security. How can you help?

What is ARFA?

I have three lines I want to install TAMA on. How do you price such a service configuration?

Is it possible to get statistics on the attacks prevented by TAMA?

Who can become a DDoS attack target?


How can I order the Cloud Connect service?

Who is the Cloud Connect service for?

At which layer of the ISO/OSI model does the Cloud Connect service operate?

What is the minimum number of accounts to order this service?

Does EXATEL Virtual Desktop prove useful as a tool for remote work?

Will I need to purchase additional equipment to use the Virtual Desktop service?

Is it safe to use the Virtual Desktop?

Who can be the recipient of this service?

What distinguishes EXATEL's infrastructure maintenance service from its competitors'?

Who can benefit from EXATEL's infrastructure maintenance service?

What is the EXATEL WLAN service?

Who is the WLAN offer addressed to?

What are the benefits of the managed WAF service?

What ways of traffic control are provided by the WAF module?

What is the Managed Web Application Firewall service?

What are the benefits of this service?

What is the UTM Firewall service?

Does the data stored in the EXATEL Data Center remain in Poland?

What are the benefits of the EXATEL's Data Center colocation service?

Who is the data colocation service addressed to?

What is the difference between this service and purchasing a firewall for the purposes of my organization?


Is EXATEL a State Treasury Company?

Can I benefit from your services as an individual client?

What messengers do you use for remote work?

How and when was EXATEL founded?

Can schools also use the ZOOM service?

Public sector

What distinguishes us from competitive enterprises providing services for LGUs?

What is OST 112?


How does the software implementation process look like within SDN projects?

Do you do everything at EXATEL?

What is the technological stack and work methodology in SDN projects?

Are SDNbox and SDNcore the only R&D projects?

Why do you need an R&D team in telecom?


How do you test your application? How do you ensure code quality?

Do you have a good SCRUM? Has it worked for your project?

What does the cooperation with clients and possible application expansions look like?

Where do the requirements and new functionality-related ideas come from?

How does the TAMA on-premises implementation process look like?

How does test automation look like?

How do you communicate within the team? Mumble, Zoom, Rocket Chat, Signal? Why not Slack?

How do you document your code?

How to effectively store IPv4 and IPv6 lists?

What is the process stack within the TAMA project?


Why should we ensure the confidentiality of conversations?

Why can EXATEL's SDN solution be trusted?

Why are we giving up on expanding the network with devices from well-known manufacturers?

Why did EXATEL implement the SDN?

What does Secure Internet for Business include?

What are the benefits of Ethernet data transmission from EXATEL?

Is lease of lines service for me?

What is VaaS?

To whom is Voice as a Service addressed?

What functionalities does a VaaS solution have?

What does the EXATEL Contact Center service consist of?

To whom is the Contact Center service addressed?

In what manner is the Zoom service for business provided by EXATEL?

I want a flexible and secure tool for communication within the organization. In what manner is the Zoom service provided by EXATEL?

How can I order one of your services?

What is the application of Ethernet-based services?

What is the range of leased line services?

What can I use the One Number service for?

Will changing the location of my business also change the hotline number?

What is the One Number service?

Will I be able to send text messages to all networks using the EXATEL SMS service?

Which telecommunication protocol is used by the EXATEL SMS service?

Who is the VOIP telephony service addressed to?

What does the VoIP service for companies have to offer?

What makes VoIP different from analogue and mobile telephony?

What is included in EXATEL's portfolio of telecommunications services?

Why is it worth to lease lines from EXATEL?

What does the Wavelength service involve?

How is the Ethernet-based transmission service implemented in technical terms?

Does the service come with data transfer restrictions/limits?

How is this service implemented?

What does the MPLS IP VPN service involve?

What are the advantages of MPLS IP VPN compared to an Internet-based network?

What is an MPLS IP VPN service router for?

How do you provide Low Latency services?

What is IVR?

Voice operators

Who in particular should be interested in EXATEL's Multiport service?

What benefits does EXATEL MWLAN provide for business development?

What is a voice traffic termination service?

Why should my company choose EXATEL's voice transit offer?

Who is the Voice Wholesale offer aimed at?

Why does IP Transit use the BGP?

What is the IP Transit service?

What is required to launch the IP Transit service?

How can I benefit from using Ethernet in my business?

How is the Ethernet transmission service technically implemented?

What makes Low Latency different from other data transmission services?

How are Low Latency services implemented?

Is the low latency service guaranteed in the SLA?

What is the difference between Ethernet Line and Internet Exchange Points?

What is the Internet Exchange Points service?

What are the benefits of the Internet Exchange Points service

Is it possible to download and upload data at the same speeds?

How does EXATEL ensure service quality?

What is the Alien Lambda service?

How does EXATEL guarantee service quality?

What is required to run the IP Transit service?

Do you cooperate with Tier 1 operators?

Whose does Premium-variant voice transit involve?