IP Telephony - VOIP service with PABX system

IP telephony enables making phone calls in the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology. Unlike analogue and mobile telephony, it allows calling from anywhere in the world – without any cables being required. All that IP Telephony needs is Internet access.

The service is based on SIP Trunk, which is a virtual channel that enables setting up phone calls via dedicated or Internet links. SIP Trunk gives freedom in terms of telephone network configuration, adding services, transferring numbers or controlling the costs. This very protocol enables calling landline or mobile phones via the Internet.

IP Telephony is a service for companies that have or are planning to purchase a VoIP telephone exchange.

The service offers a wide scope of functionalities:

  • location-specific zone numbering
  • keeping currently used numbers
  • simple and quick number transfer processes
  • detailed billing available on-the-go
  • fax connections
  • CLIR (Calling Line Identification Restriction) and CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) calls
  • security – optional IPSec encryption in the VPN MPLS network.

Owing to the modular platform connected to voice operator networks, we are able to guarantee operational reliability, even in the case of a potential failure of any system component. The service can be easily integrated with the current telecommunications infrastructure at the company location.


  • high security level of provided services – this is a redundant, operator-class service platform
  • flexible scaling (Nx5 simultaneous connections) – matching connection capacity to client’s needs
  • reduced costs owing to the use of a single connection for voice and data transmission
  • high call quality, possible implementation with the use of dedicated VPN/MPLS connections
  • bandwidth saving through handling compressed codecs

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