Phishing – phishing campaigns, social engineering pen testing

Phishing is currently one of the most popular threats to the Internet users. In order to conduct the attack, hackers use fake websites of e.g. government offices, e-shops, telecommunications operators or e-mails and instant messaging to phish for valuable information.

A survey of 410,000 people, conducted by Keepnet Labs, showed that 32% of users click on suspicious attachments or links to websites, and 13% of users share their confidential information. A phishing attack can affect anyone, so out of concern for the security of companies, EXATEL has prepared a service to simulate a real attack. This service is a phishing campaign.

EXATEL’s phishing campaign (also known as the phishing programme), involves carrying out 2 simulated attacks targeted at employees of the Customers Organisation, according to a selected scenario or a scenario built from scratch according to the Customer’s needs. After the campaign, each time the customer receives a report indicating the vulnerabilities of employees and a set of information on the elements used in which the phishing attack will be used to educate employees.

A recommended addition to the service is a training package for employees on security awareness as a part of the CYBER Education e-learning platform, or carrying out a dedicated training course for employees, tailored to the customer’s needs.

Phishing programme – benefits:

  • rapid identification of the employees’ vulnerability to phishing attacks,
  • identification of gaps and areas for improvement to better defend yourself against phishing,
  • provision of necessary materials to raise awareness of the dangers of phishing among employees,
  • little involvement on the part of the customer – the preparation and implementation of the service is done by EXATEL,
  • cooperation with EXATEL’s experienced security experts and an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

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