Telecommunications services for companies

We have built a huge fibre-optic network that reaches every corner of the Polish territory. We are a company that understands the requirements and specifics of the market. We know that there are no two identical companies. Therefore, we approach each customer with maximum flexibility and deliver solutions that answer their needs as closely as possible. 

We have been providing high-quality voice and transmission services for over 25 years. Why you can trust us?

We offer:

  • our own extensive 23,800 km network in Poland,
  • direct connection to the main telecommunications hub in Frankfurt am Main and London,
  • connection to direct points of interconnection with many operators – both in Poland and abroad.

This way, we can provide our clients with a full portfolio of telecommunications services – from Ethernet networks to Central European transit – and make it possible to establish an international link to any place in the world

We provide services to the banking sector, the energy sector, stock exchanges, corporations and enterprises with branches located all over Europe. All of these companies care about reliability of connection and data exchange, just like you do. That is why we guarantee SLA on the level of 99,98%.

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