The market for short text messaging traffic (mainly A2P messaging) has been growing at a staggering rate around the world for the past few years. According to the “Global A2P SMS Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2019-2024” report: in the upcoming years the number of A2P messages will increase at an annual rate of around 4% by 2022, the A2P messaging market is estimated to constitute around 25% of the total global SMS traffic!

The EXATEL SMS service, developed on the basis of a cloud solution, is used to manage and plan bulk SMS sending via EXATEL network infrastructure. This operator-class system guarantees high availability, operational efficiency and security.

The EXATEL SMS platform, thanks to the SMPP point of interconnection between operators, enables easy implementation and integration with operators’ systems used for SMS distribution.



  • Access via Web Access, API or SMPP,
  • Export of billing data in formats required by invoicing systems (csv, xml, xls, json),
  • Route quality testing services,
  • Additional services: HLR (Home Local Register) and MNP (Mobile Number Portability), Enhanced SMS Traffic Filtering (BlackList support),
  • Ongoing update of rates for offered directions,
  • CDR export – details of traffic generated by accounts, Redundant routing,
  • 24/7 EXATEL technical support.
  • Detailed statistical reports upon request,
  • Support for multiple currencies,
  • Multiple sub-accounts in SMPP dedicated to your resellers.

Frequently asked questions_

Which telecommunication protocol is used by the EXATEL SMS service?

Will I be able to send text messages to all networks using the EXATEL SMS service?