UTM Firewall - Unified Threat Management system

Managed Firewall is a service solution that guarantees comprehensive security of the client’s IT resources through a firewall that protects against threats that Internet users are exposed to.

The service can be provided based on a central unit located in EXATEL’s Data Centre or by following a local firewall model – using a unit located at the client’s premises.

Regardless of which service model you choose – you can count on assistance from the specialists at EXATEL. They will help you to quickly and smoothly go through the entire service deployment, configuration and development process. They will also support you later on, in the course of routine solution management.

Besides the standard version, Managed Firewall is also available in an extended variant that is enhanced with full UTM (Unified Threat Management) functionality.

UTM provides you with the option to fully protect your organization, and is comprised of:

  • intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • anti-virus
  • anti-malware
  • virtual private network for remote connections to the mother company (IPSEC VPN)
  • URL address filtering
  • control of network access via applications
  • data leakage protection (DLP).

In the case of UTM protection, the security policy followed by EXATEL is built upon network traffic detection and control on the basis of, among others, applications. Traditional security-related solutions rely solely on the identification of IP addresses, ports or network services. Our system is able to flawlessly identify network applications, regardless of the used ports, protocols, transmission tactics or even SSL encryption. It also enables analysing network traffic content to stop a wide spectrum of threats associated with information leakage – all this without an adverse impact on performance and bandwidth.


  • safe communication over the Internet, comprehensive and professional protection of IT infrastructure against various threats
  • full support at all service implementation stages – application of best practices, assistance from experts specializing in network cybersecurity solutions
  • no investment costs
  • proactive device management
  • 24/7/365 service monitoring
  • service complies with the requirements of KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority) “D” recommendations and GDPR

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