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Polish, operator-class anti-DDoS system is not only a novelty, it is a burning need. Institutions and companies need reliable protection against volumetric DoS attacks. EXATEL in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology is working on this revolutionary tool.

The idea of a programmable network device is known to the world of high technology, but so far the market offer and the scale of application remain at the beginning of the road.

EXATEL projects

There are several projects at different stages of implementation. It is too early for some of them to communicate, some of them are not public by their nature. However, at EXATEL we never stop creating new technologies.

What is TAMA


TAMA is a scalable and efficient software solution protecting operator networks against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development within the CyberSecIdent – CyberSecurity and e-ID program.

Why did we decide to build TAMA? There are simply no solutions of this class on the market. There are, of course, great anti-DDoS systems, even those developed in Poland, but we needed a technology that would be adapted to the needs of a telecommunications operator. We have been protecting our customers against DDoS attacks for years. That’s why we know how important it is to maintain the operation of services based on continuous access to the Internet. Most often these are customers using our connections and data center (in the picture). We have learned the most effective methods of limiting DDoS attacks and, in accordance with the paradigm of development of our own competences, we want to create a technology that is completely under our control. Only thanks to it we can ensure the security of critical systems of the state and companies that value stability.

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TAMA – a scalable and efficient software solution protecting operator networks against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks is implemented by the National Centre for Research and Development within the CyberSecIdent II – Cyberbezpieczeństwo i e-Tożsamość.

SDN technology

The SDNbox programmable network device project is a great example of how democratization of technology contributes to increasing the opportunities and capabilities of developing R&D institutions. Thanks to the SDN (Software Defined Networks) architecture we can create a device that as effective as the devices of the world’s manufacturers, and at the same time remains universal and multifunctional. Depending on the needs, we can modify the functions of the device, change its protocols and behavior.

SDNbox guarantees transparency of operation – we know exactly what functions are implemented in it, because all of them are described in software and can be tested. A very important advantage is also the fact that we have full control over cybersecurity mechanisms, such as data encryption protocols, which is a huge advantage for all services dealing with state security.

SDNcore i a high-performance, scalable and programmable network traffic aggregation platform. The device has been designed for telecommunications network operators and will operate in the key points of the transport network, i.e. in the aggregation and backbone layers. SDNcore will cooperate with other SDN solutions, such as the SDNbox being developed by EXATEL.


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Other projects


We have been gathering our team, knowledge and partners to create new R&D projects for several years. This is not a thing that happens quickly and without effort. Developing intellectual property is a task that is difficult to manage without huge outlays and capital. Fortunately, we have managed to use social capital and support state and educational institutions.

We want to protect companies, but also institutions that functioning are important from the state point of view. That is why, we need technologies that are worth relying on, that we know everything about, that have no hidden security threats. Where to find such technologies? Only in our own laboratories!

Without giving up the best world standards, we try to build complete solutions from components developed in Poland. Hence the cooperation with Polish business and academic institutions. We promote the transfer of knowledge from science to business.