Ethernet Line connection for operators

The Ethernet is a popular technology that is used to build own network infrastructure. It enables the infrastructure to be able to meet the challenges associated with the dynamically growing data traffic resulting from the popularity of video streaming, cloud platforms, Big Data, Internet of Things and mobile apps.

In the light of the good/bad control and allocation, Ethernet standard services are willingly used in operator networks.

Our Ethernet services ensure quick and secure links between indicated locations with a wide range of bandwidth. The service is dedicated to users who are looking for fully transparent provider solutions, and such that enable complete and independent administration. Owing to the possibility to be separated within a VLAN port, the service enables transmitting many traffic types.

EXATEL has a vast, continuously developed infrastructure and cooperates with many global operators. The resulting huge possibilities in terms of bandwidth and availability enable our service to be utilized by various entities, regardless of the scale of operations and geographic area.


  • possible development of a cost-effective infrastructure
  • high service reliability owing to protections at transit network level
  • individual service management or management supported by EXATEL engineers
  • wide application-wise possibilities and potential development of own services thanks to the transparency of transmitted traffic
  • transmission security through possible traffic separation in virtual VLAN subnets

Technical data

  • wide range of available bandwidths (up to 100 Gb/s)
  • various frame sizes – 1536-byte standard, jumbo frame 9000 bytes
  • transmitted traffic transparency – no EXATEL interference in IP routing
  • VLAN (802.1Q) supported – traffic separation
  • guaranteed SLA quality

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