TAMA PRO7 – protection against application DDoS attacks

TAMA PRO7 is a solution that protects against OSI Layer 7 DDoS attacks. It is run exclusively on EXATEL’s Internet connections together with an already operating TAMA anti-DDoS volumetric protection service in either Standard or Advanced variant.

The anti-DDoS service TAMA PRO7 has been developed to protect the customer’s IT resources from the effects of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) application attacks. The attack is based on draining the IT resources of web applications (server – CPU or RAM).

The target of the attacks is the application itself, not the network infrastructure. The customer’s system handles specific requests in bulk, thus overloading the system and denying other users access to the applications provided.

TAMA and TAMA PRO7 on EXATEL’s network

The synergy of these two compatible services is a comprehensive solution created, continuously developed and operated by EXATEL’s certified cybersecurity experts.

Guarantee and quality of performance

  • Full protection against volumetric and application attacks
  • System created by a Polish telecommunications operator, a State-Owned Company
  • Service provided by certified cybersecurity experts working at EXATEL’s SOC
  • Operator-class protection – even against attacks larger than the customer’s bandwidth
  • Automatically triggered traffic filtering if an attack is detected
  • Ensuring operational continuity
  • Protection tailored to customer’s network bandwidth

Flexibility and scalability

  • Configuration adapted to individual customer requirements
  • Integration with customer’s security systems (e.g., SIEM)
  • Filtering and analysis: IP addressing (traffic both ‘to’ and ‘from’ the customer), protocols, TCP connection status, invalid packets, ports, encrypted connections, defined or created according to customer needs

TAMA PRO7 – benefits

  • Possibility to manually control the mitigation of attacks
  • Creating exclusions in the detection process
  • Sessions management during security operation. Configuration of the permitted number of open sessions per source, minimum number of packets and minimum packet size
  • Access to current service statistics and the ability to generate reports in customer portal
  • 24/7 support from EXATEL (without sacrificing resources on customer’s part)
  • Best value for money

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Why do I need as many as two solutions – TAMA and TAMA PRO7?

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