Managed WLAN

The Managed WLAN service from EXATEL involves the provision and maintenance of a WLAN wireless local network in the WiFi technology that enables using the Internet or corporate network resources.

EXATEL takes full responsibility for the implementation and management of the service – starting with project preparation, through device installation and configuration, to service monitoring and troubleshooting.

The service has been designed so as to ensure the best possible wireless network signal coverage and highest bandwidth, but without compromise in terms of security or protection against unauthorized access. As part of this service, we support legally required storage of information on network users.

WLAN is a convenient and safe way to ensure the mobility of employees who can hook-up their laptops, phones and other devices to the network without the need to use a cable or additional logins. The service can be launched for company employees and guests to its headquarters, and for every user in a public space. In the event of the service being provided as a public WiFi network, the users authenticate by means of a dedicated website, a so-called captive portal.

Our offer is addressed to organizations drawn from various industrial sectors, especially: 

  • all companies that value free communication between employees
  • those using LAN and Internet resources without cables (corporate network)
  • public space administrators who want to increase the attractiveness of their location and provide users with added value.


  • mobility and efficiency in terms of using the Internet and business systems within a company/organization
  • professional WiFi network tailored to certain needs that is maintained and managed by EXATEL, which offers complete signal coverage and roaming between access points, and that supports all types of mobile devices
  • network traffic control – setting user authentication rules, transmission rate for users, network access rights, etc.
  • built-in tools for creating statistics, monitoring user activity and developing reports that enable analysing WiFi network use and monitoring of its security
  • the ability to quickly – without the need to lay infrastructural cabling – hook-up additional mobile devices, such as laptops, phones, cash card terminals, barcode readers, advertising screens

Technical data

  • verification of access rights, as well as login and password conducted by authentication servers (LDAP, Active Directory, Radius, etc.)
  • two controller location models – centrally (by default) or locally (option)

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