Colocation services

Collocation is a service that involves lease of space in a professional EXATEL Data Centre for the purposes of installing client’s IT resources.

Data collocation is a solution intended for companies that:

  • have critical applications and data that require storage in a professional Data Centre
  • require a high level of data security and business continuity
  • are multi-department and require shared IT resources.

Leased space can also constitute a base for developing new services, such as: Security Operations Centre, Cloud Computing or Cloud Communication.

EXATEL has several data processing facilities for in-house and client purposes. These centres satisfy the most stringent requirements of business clients from, among others, the banking or public administration sectors. In addition to the high standard of its own Data Centre, EXATEL has one of the largest and most secure optical and teletransmissions networks in Poland. This is an extra advantage of using the Data Centre – since it means higher reliability of the entire hardware and network infrastructure.


  • direct connections with 80 domestic and 70 foreign operators
  • dispersed geographic structure of the Data Center
  • no need to incur large expenditure on constructing a data processing centre
  • reduction of costs associated with Data Centre maintenance (highly specialized personnel, electricity, air-con and server servicing)

Technical data

  • optimized transmission between collocation devices and other locations using WAN accelerators
  • direct access for collocation devices to the public Internet via Internet access services and a dedicated line (Alien Lambda) to a traffic exchange point in Frankfurt
  • possibility to use services associated with BCP (Business Continuity Planning) and DRC (Disaster Recovery Center).

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