Internet Exchange Points

The service ensures fast and symmetrical access to popular content and resources at selected global and domestic IP traffic exchange points.

Through the use of EXATEL’s network, access is possible to the most popular resources, including Akamai, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Twitch and the largest IP traffic exchange nodes in Poland and Europe, such as TPIX, PLIX, PIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, France-IX and others.

The Internet Exchange Points service provides access to popular peering-partner networks. However, it does not grant direct access to the resources of global Tier1 operators. The content available within the service is constantly optimized based on analysing user-generated traffic.


  • competitive price
  • rich resources available through Internet exchange points and content providers
  • high-speed and high-quality access owing to resource optimization
  • flexible billing methods – 95 percentiles

Technical data

  • wide bandwidth range
  • continuous expansion of the resources based on analysing generated traffic
  • possible billing based on the 95-percentile method)
  • service provided on the basis of the IP MPLS network
  • implementation using the BGPv4 protocol

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