Maintenance of infrastructure

Network maintenance is the process of continually taking care of the proper functioning and maintaining all elements of the telecommunications networks in full working order. It also means being fully prepared to carry out repairs in the shortest possible time.

EXATEL specializes in providing comprehensive maintenance and service of telecommunications networks and equipment. We own over 23,800 kilometres of fibre-optic network, so we know how important it is to efficiently eliminate any damage to it. Our team consists of highly specialised service technicians whose competences are confirmed by numerous certificates, e.g. certificates of fibre-optic technicians or technicians servicing symmetrical HDSLs. We have implemented and tested procedures of cooperation with both telecommunications operators and public sector entities. We are always on standby. As soon as a fibre-optic cable is damaged, we immediately start its repair.


Our experience is also confirmed by the following numbers:

  • Maintenance of over 3,900 telecommunication hubs
  • Almost 23,800 km of network managed and maintained by EXATEL
  • 24/7/365 operation
  • Our service resources operate throughout the country
  • That is how long it takes, on average, to get to the furthest point


  • The service is provided throughout the country
  • Flexible approach to our customers’ needs
  • Specialised service technicians
  • Guarantee of fast repair time of the reported failure
  • Single Service Provider
  • Experienced operator

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