Voice aaS - VOIP service

VaaS is the next step in the evolution of a telephone exchange. As a cloud-based solution, it is available through the IP network. Compared to classic systems, VoIP telephony services only require a small amount of hardware.

It is also a solution for companies and organizations that are yet to have their own telephone exchange or are dynamically developing – the VaaS service is scalable and can be easily matched to the current needs of an organization. It is also perfect for companies with multiple offices.

A virtual exchange enables transforming a fixed number into a modern and easy-to-use solution that streamlines communication both with Clients and counterparts. The service can be launched much faster and cheaper relative to a classic solution. It almost immediately provides access to key functionalities, including:

  • option to present or restrict a number
  • wide range of call forwarding
  • facilitations associated with number dialling
  • basic conference calls.

Through using the EXATEL service, it is also possible to equip the exchange with additional functions, e.g.:

  • IVR – creation of a tonal menu that enables more effective call routing
  • Call recording – for calls that require additional verification
  • Fax-to-mail – option to send faxes directly to the recipient’s e-mail.


  • low costs – attractive prices for telephone account and service implementation
  • no need to invest in a telephone exchange, servers and voice system administration
  • easy expansion and scalability – option to purchase additional phones and services
  • attractive tariffs for voice calls
  • access to detailed information on calls

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