EXATEL will implement anti-DDoS protection services for the Main Police Headquarters.

November 15, 2023

EXATEL’s offer emerged victorious in a public tender announced by the Main Police Headquarters (KGP). Consequently, EXATEL will implement internet access services for the KGP using fiber optic connections, protection against DDoS attacks, and integration with the PLIX Interoperator Traffic Exchange Node along with data transmission services.

The comprehensive DDoS protection service from EXATEL includes the TAMA and TAMA PRO7 packages.

TAMA PRO7 is a solution designed to protect against DDoS attacks at the OSI layer 7. This solution operates exclusively on EXATEL’s internet connections along with the active volumetric DDoS protection service TAMA. Both of these solutions constitute a sophisticated, high-class package that is continually developed and updated based on the expertise of certified Security Operations Center professionals who specialize in daily defense against attacks and their mitigation.

Learn more about the service: TAMA PRO7 – protection against application-layer DDoS attacks.