Blue Media. Money always on time


Customers expect to be able to make a transfer anytime. Right away. And, above all, risk-free. After all, their entire business may depend on the speed of the transaction. What if the scale of your business is 500,000 users every day? If the annual value of transactions you handle exceeds PLN 10,000,000? How do you guarantee service availability with such astronomical numbers? Blue Media faces these challenges every day. The company provides payment services to more than 9 million customers and handles more than 80 banks.


To guarantee a stable infrastructure and the highest level of security, you cannot work in half-measures. You need to have full control over the information. In cyberspace, this is the only way to ensure the highest quality of service. EXATEL has experience in that field. For 20 years we have served the largest banks and financial institutions in this region of Europe.


Blue Media wanted to prioritize customer transactions, so that they would always be completed on time. It was essential to be sure that services would always be available – regardless of the time, place or technology used. For that reason, Blue Media decided to use our proven solutions: VPN MPLS, Metro Ethernet and protection against volumetric attacks – anti-DDoS. The enterprise opted for a proven partner conducting business activity in telecommunications and cybersecurity industry.

Customers expect us to be reliable, safe and quick. We demand the same from our partners. Our customers’ peace of mind and trust in Blue Media are paramount to us.

Przemysław Ciesielski, ICT Director Blue Media