Contact Center – request handling system for Benefit Systems SA

What is a Contact Center?

Contact Center is a system that integrates all channels of communication with the customer: phone calls, sms, fax, chat and contact via website. Built-in CRM system and conversation scripting module – Scripter – enables comprehensive and professional customer service. Implementation of the system does not require the customer to spend money on hardware and software.


It was necessary to launch new communication channels for customers and improve telephone service process.As part of the order, we improved our customer service processes and introduced a call back function. Thanks to this feature, a customer calling the Benefit Systems hotline at a moment of high line load can leave a message with a request to call back at a specified time.


The biggest challenge was to integrate new functionalities with the customers’ systems in such a way that the consultant could access all the necessary information in one place – without having to run additional applications. It was crucial to ensure that the consultant be able to review the case quickly and comprehensively being handled. Therefore, we assumed that the extended CRM module will download data from Benefit Systems and display it to consultants in one window of the Contact Center system.


Thanks to the implemented solutions we managed to optimise the work of Benefit Systems hotline. All these features we incorporated into a stable and reliable operating environment.