ENEL-MED and Network Access Control (NAC)


Today, protecting against cyber threats is a must in the healthcare industry. ENEL-MED is a company with the best prevention measures and strategies on the market. They choose uncompromising solutions – infallible and reliable.


We build IT system integrity from its very base.  In this case, we cannot take any shortcuts. There are no helpful tricks. What matters is knowledge and skills. That is why we use only proven technologies. The same that we deploy in our own company.


At ENEL-MED we implemented a Network Access Control (NAC) tool based on SnoopWall technology. It gave administrators control over which devices can or cannot connect to the internal facility network. After a series of security audits, administrators learned how their defenses were working and whether anything could be improved. We then proceeded to implement a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) class solution from RSA. Everything was done in a timely manner and the budget was not exceeded. Each task was performed on a collaborative basis.

The defense industry is a challenging market. It forces companies to continually evolve. Thanks to their innovation, Pit-Radwar successfully competes for new contracts, ensuring the safety of Poland and Poles. But we know that we must also protect ourselves. That is why we cooperate with experienced companies that contribute to the development of our business. This is EXATEL – their experts understand our need.