Pit-Radwar and protection against cyber threats


The domestic defense industry constitutes one of the key elements of national security. The technologies that are being developed there require special protection, as they are crucial for the safety of the country and the soldiers who use them. That is why major manufacturers cannot afford to disclose their secrets. Pit-Radwar – part of the Polish Armaments Group, a manufacturer of electronics for the Polish Armed Forces – is very much aware of this fact. When a company is developing the technology of the future, it must ensure the highest level of confidentiality.


There are no innovative solutions without ICT systems. Nowadays, design offices, production systems or the functioning of the entire company is based on IT solutions. Ensuring appropriate security of your entire infrastructure is crucial. However, we cannot forget that building cyber security is a process. It requires skills, knowledge and a good understanding of the nature of your business partner. Trust is also of crucial importance.


Pit-Radwar needs effective protection against cyber threats. This is particularly important in the context of their participation in projects that are strategic to the country’s security, such as the international “Wisła” program. Therefore, we started with a comprehensive security audit of the current infrastructure along with penetration testing of systems processing data for the company. We reviewed the partner’s preparations for some of the world’s most stringent NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) standards and requirements. We have prepared a report describing the necessary changes to be introduced within the scope of security policy as well as the infrastructure itself. Now the partner knows which tools they really need. Together, we are preparing the Pit-Radwar cyber defense development strategy for the next two to three years.


The defense industry is a challenging market. It forces companies to continually evolve. Thanks to their innovation, Pit-Radwar successfully competes for new contracts, ensuring the safety of Poland and Poles. But we know that we must also protect ourselves. That is why we cooperate with experienced companies that contribute to the development of our business. This is EXATEL – its experts understand your needs.