PSTP Gdynia places importance on cyber-education


Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia is Poland’s largest hub bringing together nearly 250 companies operating in the field of business, science and technology. PSTP needed to provide cyber security basics training for their employees.


As EXATEL has been educating partners of the company and customers on cyber hygiene for a long time, we undertook to organize a two-day training for PSTP, during which we talked about cyber threats, methods of attack and defense, and good practices. In cybersecurity, as in the case of taking care of your health, prevention translates into tangible benefits. Therefore in this regard it is worth betting on a reliable partner.


“The training was professional, and the manner in which the discussions and lectures were conducted, as well as the practical usefulness of the knowledge provided, were highly appreciated by the participants. The scope of the training was tailored to the needs of participants representing a broad spectrum of specialties. The trainees gained skills useful for their jobs. Based on the above, we recommend EXATEL S.A. as a reliable training partner.”