State Register System infrastructure for the Ministry of the Interior and Administration


Contractors typically have approximately 4 months to connect 300 or 400 locations. Our task was quite clear – to connect 2479 municipal offices and 2249 registry offices into one network. What was the deadline? 18 months? Actually, it was 40 days.

The hardest part was the race against time. We signed the contract with the Ministry of the Interior and Administration on November 20; by December 31 we were supposed to fulfil all our obligations. 40 days for implementing a network of this scale? This might be a real telecommunications phenomenon.


It may sound a bit over the top, but these are projects that in fact affect the functioning of the entire country. If you want to pursue them, you must be prepared for being held accountable. The responsibility is huge. Data from PESEL (Polish Resident Identification Number) or ID card databases must always be immediately available. 100% safety is a necessity.  This may have a bearing on whether or not an injured person receives required help. Here the deadline non-negotiable, there is no time for a beta version.


We have built a network that is separated from the Internet and dedicated entirely to the Ministry. Since its launch, it has been stably operating throughout the country. The State Register System is used by hundreds of thousands of citizens every day. If not for the system, the police, emergency services, hospitals or border control would not be able to operate. The infrastructure allows local and central units to work together in a completely secure, closed environment. Citizens’ data is protected in a manner that is yet to be matched.