TAMA effectively protects your organization in the Internet

What is a DDoS attack?

It means Distributed Denial of Service. Such an attack is made through a network of infected computers – i.e. botnet – which floods the victim’s server with a huge number of queries. As a result, the server becomes blocked and stops serving clients.

You can buy an hour of DDoS attack for approx. USD 25. What is the cost of an hour-long downtime in a company? What is the cost of system and reputation repair? Costs can be astronomical.

The attacker’s effectiveness is often determined by the scale. Therefore, network attacks are usually distributed.

Who can attack

Anyone with Internet access. This type of attack can be ordered anonymously as a service. For just a few dozen dollars, you can effectively disrupt the operations of even the largest institution in any part of the world.


Why invest in security?

The attack blocks access to the victim’s server and thus to their services. Companies cannot allow it – especially those engaged in commerce, electronic banking, or those maintaining self-service websites. If their services were even slightly delayed, it would mean significant financial losses, loss of reputation and client confidence.

In addition, all cyber security experts agree on one thing – this type of attack will develop at a dizzying pace. Their number will exceed the defense capabilities of commonly used IT systems. The answer to this problem may be the DDoS EXATEL attack protection service, which solves the issue quickly and, above all, effectively.


How does DDoS protection work?

The nature of DDoS attacks is saturation of the entire bandwidth available to the client. Therefore, only operator-class solutions can protect against them.

We provide continuous analysis of traffic directed to the network. We take immediate action when detecting an unusual event classified as harmful. After obtaining the client’s approval, an operator of Security Operations Center EXATEL launches mechanisms inside our infrastructure that will restore the Internet access services.

We have a secure data center and physical infrastructure to efficiently filter malicious network traffic. Therefore, we make it possible for the attacked website to operate normally.

EXATEL TAMA, original anti-DDoS

EXATEL has built a solution that provides protection against DDoS attacks as a service. Protection against volumetric DDoS attacks is based on the central platform in the EXATEL data center.

We also provide protection against application DDoS attacks. In this case, it is necessary to install the platform at the customer’s location.

As part of protection against DDoS attacks, EXATEL provides continuous traffic analysis. We ensure action in accordance with the SLA when detecting an unusual event classified as harmful. Your network will receive clean traffic.

The following table shows the possible versions of the TAMA service. Remember, however, that it is best to set the final configuration and price after individual technical diagnosis.





Protection on EXATEL lines

Report after each attack

Defining objects and lists of ports/protocols used

Defining your own white and black lists of ports/protocols

Ability to specify which objects use UDP communication

Ability to specify whether source addresses should be limited to the territory of the Republic of Poland during the attack

Support for up to five configuration changes per month

Defining the amount of traffic measured in pps and bps for IP; mitigation is triggered once the traffic is exceeded


Support from EXATEL SOC analysts

Defining the amount of traffic measured in pps and bps for respective IP addresses; high-level alert is triggered once the traffic is exceeded

Creating anti-DDoS solutions tailored to unusual customer requirements

The number of areas protected for the number of objects

2 areas,
up to 10 objects

5 areas,
up to 20 objects

5 areas,
up to 20 objects


from PLN 1100
per month




* The final price depends on the technical dialog

** Contact us for the best price. It depends on a number of conditions

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