Data Wholesale

On the Polish carrier market the main trends are set by the dynamic increase of bandwidth. Carriers operating on the market continuously increase the bandwidth and improve their services. It is essential to cooperate with a service provider that understands market needs . With a service provider that delivers flexible solutions without bandwidth. This provider is Exatel.

Our offer meets market expectations:

  • our own wide area network of 20,000 km in Poland
  • direct connection to the core telecommunication nodes in Frankfurt and London
  • points of interconnection with all neighbouring countries, covering CEE
  • competitive and comprehensive range of wholesale products
  • long term experience on carrier market

We guarantee a complete portfolio of telecommunication services, from Ethernet networks to transit via CEE. Working with partners we are able to deliver connectivity globally.

We provide advanced services for operators, including safe connection to distributed internet exchange points. We can directly connect customers to the global IP resources and to IP exchange points, including AMS-IX, LINX, DE-CIX, NL- IX, PL-IX, TP-IX.

For the carriers operating on financial market we offer low latency service. We guarantee Round Trip Delay (RTD) and bandwidth from 1 to 10 Gbps. We have direct connection to WSE, the Deutsche Böerse and the Moscow Stock Exchange. We are delivering solutions for carriers working with financial institutions on high frequency trade (HFT) transactions.

Why us

  • We have the second biggest fiber-optic network in Poland of 20,000 km
  • Full range of data products – SDH, Metro Ethernet, VPN, MPLS, Transit Services, IPLC
  • Direct NNI with neighboring countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Germany
  • Capacity range from 2 Mbit/s to n x 100 Gbit/s
  • Low latency service – crucial for the finance and banking sector
  • Premium transit service Warsaw-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Moscow
  • We guarantee SLA, including RTD for premium services
  • We have our own POP’s in Frankfurt (EQUINIX) and London (Telehouse)
  • Global range – we are able to provide services to any place in the world
  • We offer several classes of transit services

The example of our company shows that you don’t need to be the biggest carrier in the Central and Eastern Europe to be a trusted partner for the world’s biggest players. Thanks to our experience, modern and reliable infrastructure, experts and the comprehensive offer.

Damian Matyszewski Damian Matyszewski, Wholesale Department Director

Status on the international market is built for years. This business is a combination of trust, openness and understanding of the needs. But it is also the technical capabilities of the managed network, its range and capacity. In our company everything fits together, which is proven by a number of long-term customers and the development of international network.

Grzegorz Bryzek Grzegorz Bryzek, Head of Business Development