Voice wholesale

Exatel offers voice transit services for domestic and international voice carriers interested in voice traffic exchange. The services are provided through operator interconnection points or via public Internet. The connection can be made using TDM (SS7) or VoIP (SIP, H.323) technology, and also with IP Sec channel encryption or with VPN. We offer:

  • extensive network of domestic interconnection points
  • international interconnection point in Frankfurt (Equinix) and London (Telehouse)
  • large IP connection points with Tier 1 network operators

Exatel provides both voice traffic termination services as well as voice transit. The services are available in several product classes, which vary in quality and price: Standard, Premium and the tailored offers (‘private routing’).

Standard service is an offer with optimum price to quality ratio. Exatel’s traffic management system allows the selection of an optimum routing by concentrating on the best quality at a affordable price.

Premium service consists of the termination of international and domestic voice traffic by direct interconnection points with fixed and mobile networks in Poland and networks in those countries with which Exatel has physical interconnection points (directs). Within this service, whole routing on the way from Exatel’s network to termination network is fully under Exatel’s control. Exatel also controls resource availability at the interconnection points, and network interconnection information. We guarentee:

  • top quality of the service
  • CLI, roaming, fax transmission
  • the best ASR and ACD parameters
  • FAS elimination

We cooperate with over 150 operators in Poland and globally. This is why we are able to provide voice transit to all fixed and mobile networks in any spot in the world. With our traffic management system we select the optimal transit route and guarantee top quality of the service while maintaining an attractive price.


Contact us: wholesalevoice@exatel.pl

Why us

  • Competitive and comprehensive range of wholesale voice services
  • Points of interconnection with 150 domestic and foreign carriers
  • Long-term experience on carrier services market
  • Professional Sales and Technical Team\Staff
  • Full range of PSS technology as well as TDM and VoIP
  • Dynamic and flexible routing
  • A-number routing and billing
  • Monitoring of network and quality of service
  • Professional voice network with carrier-class equipment in TDM and VoIP technology
  • Modern, second largest telecommunication network in Poland (over 20.000 km of fibers)
  • Modern, data transmission network IP MPLS with throughput 40 Gb/s
  • Customer Service available 24/7/365

Thanks to the comprehensiveness and flexibility of our offer and many years of experience in the voice services market we can offer our domestic and international clients a product that meets the highest quality requirements while maintaining the competitiveness of our offer.

Ewa Maliszewska Ewa Maliszewska, Director of Voice Wholesale Department

We provide our clients with the highest quality product that is the result of many years of experience on the global telecommunications market. We are not only a bridge between East and West but we play an important role in intercontinental transit.

Dorota Kania Dorota Kania, Key Account Manager