Antimalware - antivirus for business

Our anti-Malware solution comprehensively protects the IT resources of the client against known and unknown malicious software. If differs significantly from traditional antivirus software since it does not only rely on a library of virus signatures, but also advanced analytical mechanisms.

Our specialists handle full commissioning, configuration and management. We provide the service using the Elevate XDR platform by Fidelis, a leader in the field of automatic detection and response to online threats.


  • better protection of intellectual property and other organizational resources owing to Deep Session Inspection (DSI) architecture, which enables recursive decoding and extraction of even deeply hidden content
  • full visibility on all network protocols and portals, hence, greater knowledge on occurring threats
  • security automation based on flexible and modified security rules and policies
  • minimized handling costs and ICT security incident response times
  • access to detailed archive data useful in forensic analysis and for tracking advanced threats
  • studying the behaviour of malware in a sandbox environment (analysis of processes, files, system registry, etc.)
  • option to run the data leak protection (DLP) service on the same platform

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