EXAHUB teleconferencing compliant with NATO confidentiality standards for your organisation

Do you wish for teleconferences of your organisation to be secure? Would you want the information discussed during strategic online meetings to remain confidential? The EXAHUB service is what you are looking for.

The EXAHUB is an innovative approach to providing an environment for virtual meetings that offers confidentiality at the level of NATO compliance standards.

EXAHUB means a secure videoconferencing environment based on a virtual and multipoint conferencing platform. It is a self-hosted solution that can be deployed in your own data centre, in the cloud (private or public), or in any other hybrid combination – depending on your needs.

Data is stored on servers located in Poland. The solution is tested on a portable server from a military-standard cabinet at the customer’s location.

EXAHUB – selected functionalities:

  • work in a distributed system,
  • organising meetings on a platform,
  • support for calls to MS Teams and Skype,
  • Skype For Business support,
  • access to videoconferencing via a web browser,
  • integration with calendars,
  • automatic meeting scheduling for Outlook contacts.

    EXAHUB – benefits

    • security and confidentiality of teleconference calls,
    • easy access and integration with various systems for meeting organisation,
    • system monitoring and analysis of connection problems.

    The EXAHUB service allows meetings to be organised from any end device, among others:

    • SIP/H.323 videoconferencing systems,
    • web browser,
    • mobile app,
    • a traditional phone call.

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