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20 years ago, we built one of the largest fibre-optic networks in Poland…

…. since then we have provided voice and transmission services to 450 global and worldwide operators, both in Poland and abroad. We have 32 IP traffic exchange points and 398 points of interconnection with operators. We terminate around 250 million+ voice minutes every month.


  • We are a state-owned national leader in telecommunication and cybersecurity
  • We have direct interconnection points with all mobile operators, alternative fixed operators (including Tier 1 operators)
  • With our POPs in Frankfurt and London we ensure unlimited service deliveries in the East-West route
  • We guarantee low transmission latency
  • We have long-term experience on the carrier services market
  • We have full range of technologies (ex. TDM, VoIP, IP Sec, VPN)
  • We have dynamic and flexible routing, A-number routing and billing
  • We are flexible and open to the various cooperation models
  • Customer Service and monitoring of the network are available 24/7/365


What voice services do we offer


EXATEL provides both voice traffic termination services as well as voice transit. The services are available in several product classes, which vary in quality and price: Standard, Premium and the tailored offers (‘private routing’).

Standard service is an offer with optimum price to quality ratio. EXATEL’s traffic management system allows the selection of an optimum routing by concentrating on the best quality at an affordable price.

Premium service consists of the termination of worldwide and global voice traffic by direct interconnection points with fixed and mobile networks in Poland and networks in those countries with which EXATEL has physical interconnection points (directs). Within this service, whole routing on the way from EXATEL’s network to termination network is fully under EXATEL’s control.


We guarantee:

  • top quality of the service
  • real time voice network monitoring system
  • CLI verification, roaming, fax transmission
  • the best ASR and ACD parameters
  • FAS detection
  • direct interconnection with leading Global Telco Groups
Ewa Maliszewska

Ewa Maliszewska

Director of Voice Wholesale Department

Thanks to the comprehensiveness and flexibility of our offer and many years of experience in the voice services market we can offer our global and worldwide clients a product that meets the highest quality requirements while maintaining the competitiveness of our offer.

We offer full range of voice services:

Full A-Z Voice Termination to all Worldwide Mobile and Fixed Networks
Personalized routing based on Partner’s requirements
Over 200 direct routes with top-class quality and optimum SIP
Fraud Prevention
Full VAS numbering sharing in Poland
Elastic SIP Trunking
Own state-of-art
Real-time quality monitoring across all voice products and destination
450+ worldwide interconnets