Rafał Magryś


An IT expert and manager with over ten years of experience. Co-founded the National Digital Archive (NAC). Mr Magryś was the head of the team responsible for the creation of the Integrated Archive Information System. As Deputy Director of the IT Project Center (CPI), he managed and implemented a remedy program after a well-known corruption crisis. Later, first as deputy director of the Centre for Informatics Technology (COI), and finally, as undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he finalized the development and implementation of a new strategy for IT projects in the area of home affairs. The strategy resulted in building competence and operational capabilities of the COI and in the creation of the National Registry System (SRP). Afterwards, as director of Exatel’s Project Supervision and Risk Management Office, he was in charge of creating and managing a portfolio of projects in GK Exatel, creation and management of the corporate operational plan, developing cooperation with the public sector and coordination of preparation of company policy papers.

An active promoter and practitioner of the concept of state sovereignty in the digital world. Given the powers of IT corporations and external threats, this concept provides that the state must have ICT competence which allows it to defend its people and independently operate in the country’s strategic areas. He strongly supports the development of open source software. He worked as an expert in international teams specializing in digitization of historical art collections.

His interests include American literature of the 20th century and RTS games. An enthusiast of Podkarpacie – a picturesque region in south-east Poland.