We support blood donation because the good runs in our veins!

October 21, 2022

On Friday, October 14th, at EXATEL we had the opportunity to welcome an ambulance of the Regional Center for Blood Donation and Hemotherapy in Warsaw. The purpose of this visit was to promote blood donation among the Company’s employees. And it worked! Nearly half of the people who donated blood that day did so for the first time in their lives. The rest were regular blood donors.

We are united by blood that saves lives

It was another event of this year (after the spring registration of potential bone marrow donors organised in cooperation with the DKMS Foundation), promoting health and saving others’ lives among our employees. What do our employees, who have been blood donors for some time, think about this method of helping:

‘I thought about donating blood for a couple of years, but COVID was the final straw. I got in early 2021 and it wasn’t easy. After I recovered, I learned that by donating plasma I could help people recover. Initially, I assumed that it would be a one-time donation, but I changed my mind and since then I have been donating blood regularly and derive great joy from it, being able to help others.’ – Artur


‘I started donating blood while I was a student. For me, it has always been one of the simplest and also most valuable ways to help others. In addition, the process of donating blood is quick and accompanied by a lot of positive energy. And at the end you also get the legendary chocolates. In my opinion, this is a very pleasant way to help.’ – Patryk

Share the most precious gift – blood!

Blood and its components are needed by many people. By donating you are helping people with cancer and clotting disorders, patients requiring transplants or cardiac surgery, as well as those injured in accidents. Blood is the most precious gift you can give to another human being because it cannot be produced.

You too can organize a blood donation event at your company. For more information, visit: twojakrew.pl