How to protect endpoints using simple safeguards – ESD18

Hijacking endpoints (end stations) is the main objective of cybercriminals. Therefore, they require comprehensive protection. One security measure type ceases to be sufficient, according to the observations by EXATEL SOC. What to do to really make life difficult for criminals? Besides obvious ways, such as investing in professional solutions, there is also the “layered” method – protection with multiple layers of relatively simple security measures. This is a very cost-effective method of protecting endpoints. However, it requires more than money – it requires knowledge, diligence and experience. Fortunately, a lot of knowledge is available free of charge, for example in the video below. Welcome!

This video is a recorded lecture by Tomasz Wodziński, manager of the SOC Monitoring and SOC Response division, at EXATEL Cybersecurity Department.

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About the conference

EXATEL Security Days 2018 is already the third edition of a conference on the practical side of cybersecurity. The principle we follow is – as little theory, and as much practice and action as possible. The last two days have seen the fastest changes in the cybersecurity sector in history. Here, questions on the impact of IT on everyday life, and the condition and functioning of the state were asked so decidedly for the first time.

Discussions on cybersecurity have moved on from the conference to media headlines. #CoDalej [#whatnext] – this was the slogan we decided to promote this year’s EXATEL Security Days with. It is clear that cybersecurity is entering a new age – an era that will affect everyone and through completely new contexts. The Internet of Things, 5G, national IT infrastructure, industry 4.0, hybrid conflicts – many of these phenomena were not considered a year or two ago. What to invest in so as not to lag behind in this “arms race”?

Tomasz Wodziński