EXATEL presented its proprietary SDN TechSystem

June 5, 2023

SDN by EXATEL is more than a Software Defined Network. It’s a fully Self-Defined Network and a revolutionary solution on the Polish telecommunications market.

The most important premiere of the two-day EXATEL Telco Summit, was the presentation of the proprietary SDN TechSystem and three proprietary devices included – SDNbox, SDNcore and SDNedge. The devices and the software to manage them are already operating in our network and have also become part of our offer.

‘Initially we thought that anyone could come up with such an idea, because there are various components available on the market from which interesting solutions can be put together. However, once we had something to present to the world, we noticed, with great surprise, how unique of an idea this was. Of course, companies use SDNs, but they don’t create such a large technology system that includes everything from the management layer, through configuration and transmission, to individual edge devices. So it can indeed be said that such activities are not common in the telco market’ – Rafał Magryś, Vice President and CTO responsible for R&D at EXATEL, for Rzeczpospolita.

The equipment of the leading manufacturers is a closed solution and telecom operators themselves hardly ever rely on their own equipment. EXATEL’s SDN service is based on both proprietary hardware and software, and the TechSystem SDN service has been developed on the basis of publicly available components and network interfaces. It constitutes a complete network management system.


(Techsystem) consists of three types of equipment: SDNcore, which is the network’s core; SDNedge, which for most part handles telecom and customers’ nodes requiring a very high bandwidth; and SDNbox, located on the customer’s premises.


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For more information, watch the SDN promotional video and the interview with Rzeczpospolita.


During EXATEL’s Telco Summit, the following solutions were presented for the first time: TAMA Pro7– which protects against Layer 7 application DDoS attacks and EXAhub – a new secure video conferencing solution. At the conference, our key partnership with Play and National Research Institute (NASK) was also announced.


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 Published by: Dominika Rybińska